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Bike Fits

Fitting your bike to your body

The bike/body relationship is an important component to cycling that is often overlooked.
Performance Bike Fit provides a valuable service to cyclists of all levels and abilities, whether you are a leisure, road, MTB or sportive rider.

Proper on the bike positioning allows you to be more comfortable, efficient and perform to your potential and prevent over use injuries that can result from poor alignment. Even the smallest of adjustments can have a positive impact on performance.

Take the ‘guesswork’ out of your bike set up/position and visit Performance Bike Fit.
Any minor adjustments required within a 30-day period are provided free of charge.

We now stock a range of products from SQ-LAB including saddles, grips and insoles.


All fittings are done on your own bike (MTB /Road )and equipment. John conducts an extensive evaluation of your cycling history ,health issues and cycling goals.He combines high tech equipment with years of cycling experience and the latest in bike fitting information To provide an optimum fit for you.

Most cyclists will see an immediate improvement in their cycling performance and comfort.
John provides bike fits for every need.

  • A brief interview to gather information about riders cycling history, injuries or complaints
  • Assessment and, if required, adjustment of all contact points
  • Front, side and rear views of rider, assessment of pedal stroke to assess if any cleat adjustment is necessary
  • Varus (inward) Valgus (outward) measuring of your foot angle
  • Any follow up visits for minor adjustments are free of charge within 30 days
  • Video position analysis
  • Analysis of current position,condition and any existing bike fit issues
  • Cleat, shoe adjustment
  • Set seat height, angle, fore and aft position
  • Handle bar position, angle
  • Stem length and angle
  • Brake hood/lever adjustment

  • Bike – clean and in good working order
  • Cycling clothing – your usual cycling shorts, thermal vest/t-shirt
  • Cycling shoes – clean and dry, if you have old or worn shoes/cleats now is the time to replace them. Bring along old shoes/cleats if you have recently purchased new shoes/ cleats as they can help in gathering information about fit issues
  • Towel
  • Water bottle/energy bar

On average between 2-2.5 hours.

Prices start at €60

There is nothing like a proper bike fit to maximise your potential all the while improving comfort, increasing power and reducing the risk of injury .For any aspiring racer, sportive, Mtb, or leisure rider looking to improve, a bike fit should be near the top of the list when it comes to investing in improvements.

80-90% of all cyclists have some sort of misaligned foot pedal set up. At 90 revs per minute, the average cyclist will complete over 5000 revs per hour. Make every rev count and visit Performance Bike Fit!

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Anyone looking to get a bike fit, whether you’re a leisure rider looking for comfort or a serious rider looking for more power and efficiency, I fully recommend John Crowley and his Performance Bike Fit service!! With this service and John’s expertise, you will see massive improvements in no time.

Keith Curtin